donderdag 2 april 2015

Ibiza Angels

Do you know the iconic Ibiza Angels? We experienced their incredible head neck and shoulder massages recently in Amsterdam – and in an instant we were revitalized and feeling great!
Ibiza Angels came about from an idea that the Ibiza Angels owner had at a secret beach party at the gorgeous Cala Gracioneta – 10 years ago - and from that moment, Ibiza Angels were born!
When Ibiza Angels launched, the concept of over-the-clothes massages at VIP venues, events and weddings had never been seen before. Ibiza Angels were the first to create this concept of massage and, 10 years on, an Ibiza Angels’ revitalizing 10 minute massage is an authentic ‘spirit of Ibiza’ experience

In their gorgeous all-white outfits they look like true Angels and are part of stylish Ibiza weddings all summer long.

Ibiza Angels elegantly bridge the gap between the wedding meal and the dancing – creating a special moment as they arrive as the Ibiza sun sets, and, with their energizing head, neck and shoulder massages, they get everyone onto the next part of the wedding - the dance-floor!
Some brides book the Angels to be part of the chill-out during the wedding...
Others book the Angels as a de-stressing treat for the bridal party on the morning of the wedding whilst hair and makeup preparations are taking place.
Everyone loves the Ibiza Angels – brides, bridesmaids, mums, dads….grandmas and grandpas try their first ever head, neck and shoulder massages Ibiza weddings - and the Angels even give tiny massages for the little ones so they are not left out!
Fully qualified, certified, experienced massage therapists, the Ibiza Angels are much loved on the island and renowned for being a professional, reliable, reputable company – and a great team!
The most stylish weddings here in Ibiza have the presence of the heavenly Ibiza Angels.
We love the Ibiza Angels – and you will too!
Are you curious and do you want to know more about these lovely Ibiza Angels?
Just give us a call or send us an email and we will make sure you meet them at your wedding! 
Love from the Island Weddings Ibiza Crew x

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