donderdag 29 januari 2015

Getting married in Ibiza

Getting married in Ibiza, next to the sea and enjoying the sunset with family and friends is a completely unforgettable experience. 

The island has a special magnetism that invites celebration and enjoyment of the senses. 
Ceremonies are very emotional, full of light and the force of the sea. 
The altar is often located next to the beach, surrounded by petals flower and after the consecration of love, is provided with champagne while watching the sunset.

For many, Ibiza is a magical island, a land where dreams come true, absorbs energy from the stars, and many say that people who get married in Ibiza achieve that love succeed for life.
It could sound like a clich√© but “no one forgets a wedding in Ibiza”.
Get married in Ibiza is a magical experience.

We will make your dream wedding come true..
love from Island weddings Ibiza crew

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